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Affordable Course fees

We have a very low budget course fees to provide the best quality education in an affordable price.

Short-term Courses

Courses are designed to provide best quality training in softwares with in a small amount of time.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are highly experienced in the fields they teach.


We will provide a certificate upon completion of course and exams.

Why Should You Choose Vedpix

We give our students live project experience along with the teaching which help our students to understand how the real world work is done. For us, priority of our students goes first.
Our courses are all up to date based on today's standard, from coding to server administration everything we teach is on the current trend.
We also make our courses as much as affordable as we could to help parents to make less worried about their wallet. Our EMI facility is also available to make the transaction even smoother.
Upon course completion we will help our students to build their profile for different job opportunities by assisting to get job interviews.

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What We Offer

We do not only teach but we also give our students an experience on the courses they have applied on. We also have a free software development training program classes for a week to give an example of our method of teaching for our students.

Free Demo Classes

We organize free software development training program classes for our students to understand how easy is to learn computer programming and also to understand our method of teaching.

Live Project Experience

Today only teaching is not enough, as the IT industry is moving faster than ever before. We have organized live project experience on every course to help our students to understand how the real world work is done.

Free Study Materials

Extra collected computer printed notes will be given to student on every subject to study and understand the programs we teach.

Weekend Classes

Students who can not take classes in week days, for them we have an scheduled Weekend Classes.

Modern Technologies

Our focus is to provide best software development training for our students using all up to date technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, EcmaScript 6+ etc.

Job Assistance

Upon course completion we do not leave our students just like that. We try to build our student a profile for different job opportunities by assisting to get job interviews.

Free software development classes available

We have one week free software development demo classes for our students to understand how easy is to learn computer programming and it's need for today's world.

Our Courses

All of our courses are designed to give our student a complete learning and working experience.

Web Smart

Course Duration: 6 Months

HTML and CSS is the base for any websites you will see on the internet. In this course we have a focus to make you understand and teach everything that needs to build and deploy a website from scratch.

Web Developer Pro

Course Duration: 6 Months

PHP is the most popular computer language to write website backends. Around 80% of website on the internet uses PHP as their backend programming language including Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr etc.

Node JS Pro

Course Duration: 6 Months

Today JavaScript came so far that you can build an entire desktop application with only using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. By learning Node JS you will have lots of option to use javascript in every part of today's IT world.

App Development Pro

Course Duration: 6 Months

Today's most trending and demanding market is available for mobile applications. In this course we teach our students how to build a proper and effective mobile application from scratch with using JavaScript.


Course Duration: 3 Months

In the mid 70's C/C++ gave computer programmers a new way of writing programs, which changed the entire software development industry. Today C/C++ is still being used almost everywhere from Operating System to Car automation.

Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 6 Months

In the world of digital media digital marketing is one of the important factor that generates leads for IT companies like Microsoft, Apple etc.

Who can Enroll

Anyone who completed the 12th board and have an eagar to learn programming can enroll for our courses. We do not require any technical background to have for enrollment.

What Students Says About Us

Here some of our students comments where they have shared their learning experience with us.

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Technologies We Teach

We mainly focus on all up to date technologies and software to teach our students.